Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (A forum Roleplay)

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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (A forum Roleplay)

Post by Nico589 on Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:26 am

"I remember the first time I died. Facing down my foe, it was to be expected. Even inevitable. Ressurected, my soul awoke, and my battles were fought harder. Death became my friend. I remember the first time I died; but dying gets...easier. It's how you die that leaves your mark."

Welcome, fellow roleplayers. This is a Forum Roleplay, set in the fantastic, engrossing, and unsettling world of Dark Souls. There are three things you need to know about Dark Souls and it's lore. First off, it's ambiguous as hell. It was released almost two years ago and players are STILL debating on the lore. Second, there is no clear "good" and "evil" in Dark Souls. Even the greatest of heroes may harbor a dark secret, and the foulest beasts may have noble purposes for killing you. Finally, it must be universally known that time in Lordran is CONVOLUTED, so your actions may or may not interfere or universally affect other players.

With that said, I have provided a rundown of most of the Lore throughout the game, and a brief description of the available races. I plan on including sections devoted to Deities, Persons of Interest, Covenants, and Character Applications in the future.



In the Beginning, the world was divided into two planes of existence. The first was known as the Above. The Above was a gray, desolate wasteland, populated by a race of Everlasting Dragons who resided in gigantic stone trees that would come to be called Archtrees. Here, nothing changed. Nothing progressed. Nothing lived or died.

The Below was nonexistent. It was a void. That is, until, the First Flame appeared. And with Fire, came Disparity. Heat and Cold, Life and Death, and of course, Light and Dark. From the darkness of the Below, came a race of Giants. Three of these giants came forth and inspected the Flame. Within, they found the four souls of Lords. They took these souls, and it shaped them. The first giant became known as Nito, who embodied Death. The second was a giantess. She became known as the Witch of Izalith, who embodied Life. The third Giant became Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight. A small giant known as the Furtive Pygmy claimed the fourth of the souls, christened it the Dark Soul, and kept its existence a secret from his brethren.

Gwyn christened himself, Nito, and the Witch as gods, and they declared war on the Dragons who resided Above. Alas, the dragons were immortal, and many giants fell. The Gods were on the verge of being defeated until a dragon known as Seath the Scaleless betrayed his brethren. Seath divulged to the gods the secret of his brethren’s immortality: their stone scales. Gwyn and his troops fashioned bolts of lightning to peel apart their stone scales, the Witch burnt down the Archtrees, and Nito unleashed a miasma of death and disease on the exposed flesh of the Dragons. And the Dragons were no more. Thus began the Age of Fire.

The Furtive Pygmy split the fourth soul into an incalculable mass, and thus, Humans were created from the Dark Soul. Gwyn established a nation of gods, and, in honor of the Lord Soul he possessed, he named the land Lordran. A grand city known as Anor Londo as built, and the giants came to call themselves gods and deities. Humans established their own cities and nations, and they began worshipping the beings they feared.

For hundreds of years, the land prospered. That is, until, the First Flame began to fade. Locked away in his own archives, Seath the Scaleless has been experimenting, trying to find a means of achieving immortality. His servants, the Six-Eyed Channelers search the world for human maidens to use as test subjects. Eventually, he succeeds and becomes immortal; however, he loses his sanity in the process as well. Lord Gwyn turns a blind eye to these affairs.

As the Age of Fire progressed, and the human population began to swell, the gods began to notice that their powers were diminishing. For as the Lord Souls began to weaken and the flames began to wane, the Dark Soul, and humans, were growing stronger. And as the darkness grew, the flames did fade; and Gwyn’s kingdom began to fall. As humanity continued to grow and prosper, the descendants of the dragons, those who called themselves the Primordial Serpents, began to appear. One such serpent, known as Darkstalker Kaathe,  tricked the denizens of the human kingdom of Oolacile into disturbing the grave of the Furtive Pygmy.

Corrupted by the Dark Soul, the Pygmy, now calling himself Manus, unleashed the wrath of abysmal darkness upon Oolacile, corrupting and transforming its denizens into monsters. Fearing the power of Manus, Lord Gwyn sent one of his most trusted knights, Sir Artorias the Abysswalker, into Oolacile, in an effort to halt the spread of the Abyss. Overwhelmed by its utter blackness, Artorias perished, and he himself was corrupted by the Abyss. However, an unnamed human warrior, being of the Dark Soul, ended the life of the corrupted Sir Artorias, and defeated Manus in a ferocious duel.

Kaathe, seeing his plans foiled by a human, simply moved on to another kingdom: New Londo. New Londo was ruled by a council of four kings, and Kaathe offered them incredibly powerful dark magic. Tempted, and unable to refuse, the four kings accepted the offer, and inadvertently, they unleashed the Abyss upon New Londo. The Four Kings and their soldiers were transformed into Darkwraiths, evil, demonic beings; enemies of all who possessed a soul. Seeing what had happened to Oolacile, Lord Gwyn ordered Ingward, a powerful mage and cleric, to flood the city, trapping the Darkwraiths and the Four Kings beneath the waves. Ingward fulfilled his mission, and the Darkwraiths were stopped, but it had cost the lives of every person in New Londo.

Seeing the growing power of both the humans and the Abyss, many of the gods panicked and fled Anor Londo. Meanwhile, the Witch of Izalith attempted to duplicate the First Flame using magic and her own Lord Soul, with the hopes of gaining enough power to stop the spread of the Abyss. This plan backfired, and the ensuing inferno engulfed the witch and her daughters. Her soul of Life became twisted, becoming deformed, chaotic Life. And the world saw its first demons. Fearing for the safety of his kingdom, Lord Gwyn ordered his remaining knights to battle the chaos demons. Despite their bravery, the knights were all repelled and slaughtered by the chaos demons.

Lord Gwyn, having lost almost everything, saw no other alternative. Gathering what remained of his forces, he returned to the Kiln of the First Flame. There, he offers his own Lord Soul as fuel for the First Flame, artificially extending the Age of Fire. Upon doing this, Gwyn unwittingly unleashes the Darksign, also known as the Curse of the Undead. Half of humanity becomes branded by the Darksign, becoming Undead. The unbranded humans corral the Undead, and keep them locked away in a place known as the Undead Asylum, where many Undead lose their minds and go Hollow.

However, a prophecy coming from the land of Astora shines a beacon of hope for the Undead.

“Thou who art Undead art chosen. In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum, maketh pilgrimage to the Land of Ancient Lords. When thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening, the Fate of the Undead thou shalt know.”

With the Darksign slowly destroying human society, many of the Undead journey to Lordan, the land of Ancient Lords, in an attempt to fulfill the prophecy. You are one of these Undead. Will you become the Chosen Undead? Or will you succumb to insanity and go Hollow?


(Note: Other than the Gods, there are no sentient species in Lordran besides Humans. If you apply to become a god, make sure you have a VERY WELL WRITTEN application, or you will be rejected.)

Human: Pretty standard stuff. Somewhat stronger than Undead, though they still have the need to eat, sleep, breathe, and drink. Going for too long without answering to any of these metabolic needs will result in the death of your character. For human characters, death is permanent.

Undead: Humans afflicted with the curse of Undeath do not require food, water, or rest. However, due to a substantial lack of muscle, Undead are generally weaker than healthy Humans. By killing a Human or another Undead, they gain Humanity, which can be used to reverse Hollowing. The Undead subsist on Estus, a magical substance collected from bonfires, which they carry around in dull green flasks. Estus is a valuable form of sustenance, and consuming it automatically heals most wounds. Death is not permanent for Undead characters. If your character perishes in battle, he will reawaken near the last bonfire he/she rested at. However, with each death, you lose a little bit of your Humanity. Eventually, if your character loses the will to go on/loses too much Humanity, he/she will go Hollow.

Semi-Dragon:  Senior apostles of the Everlasting Dragon are granted the ability to transcend life itself, becoming extremely powerful semi-dragons. In this form, they gain the ability to breathe fire and have greatly increased strength. However, their new forms make them unable to wear any sort of armor or helm. This change is also non-reversible, until death. Undead Semi-Dragons are resurrected in Human Form.

Darkwraith (Corrupted Human): Darkwraiths wear the Dark Set, and use Dark Swords in close quarters combat. In addition to this arsenal, they Darkwraiths possess the secret art of Life Drain, a skill utilized to steal Humanity from others. Darkwraiths are inhumanly strong, though they move and fight almost robotically, with no intuition or zeal in any of their blows.


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Re: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (A forum Roleplay)

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looks like it has potential


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