Ye Olde Forum Shop (Unofficial)

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Ye Olde Forum Shop (Unofficial)

Post by Dragon on Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:52 pm

The forum shop relies on the reputation system (in this case; money for slang), and a user can get something here based on forum rep. If you're in debt (negative rep), then there are a few flags to this
So here;

10: Name Color. Request and receive a name color.

20: Your own rank name

30: Your own forum group (can recruit mutual followers [falls under name color])

40: Free "Get out of ban" ticket (validations may vary)

100: Own subforum.
If your 'debt' meets a negative counterpartion, these privileges will get revoked if you have had them. All these exceptions include admins and mods unless they've done shit.


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