Rules - Must Be Read By Everyone

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Rules - Must Be Read By Everyone

Post by Manik_The_Boss on Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:31 am

Hello everyone! I know you're all excited and have your panties in a knot to get in here and use our forum! But before anything we need to lay a few GROUND RULES. Now just obey these rules and we'll make the forum an acceptable place for everyone. If anyone is found breaking the rules, there will be punishments given like bans or a night in the dungeon. (Okay I kid about that last one.)

Thy Rules study

  • Cursing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum. If you feel it's an absolute need to say the ''F bomb'' try using characters or numbers rather than the word itself.

  • Images are allowed. If there are any pictures with gore, cursing, etc. Use the spoiler tag.
    It looks a bit like this.

  • Porn isn't allowed. It's a forum to talk on, not fap away on. [Unless admins say otherwise.]

  • No smut or godmodding in the RP forum. If there is going to be any adult/gore scenes, please do put it in a spoiler and explain outside the spoiler warning what it contains. We don't want people reading some of the...weird or eye opening things that they might not want to see.

  • Do not double post. AT. ALL.

  • Do not post meaningless things to get more posts on your record. Also, spamming is not allowed and numerous accounts of it will get you a ban span.

  • Linking to other sites are allowed, but anyone caught linking to phishing/virus sites or adult sites [without spoiler tag or admin approval] will get a warning/ban.

  • Do not fight with the members [RP does not count] at all. Debating is fine, but fighting, bullying, and repeated offenses against a member or members will result in a ban.

  • If you get two warnings, a ban will most likely result. Depending on the severity, you can get let off easy or banned off permanently. Don't think we can perma-ban you? Think again, we have your IP.

  • Do not ask to be admin if you are new. Admins will be made only to certain people.

  • Txt lingo like ''lol ur a l0zer'' ''hah wut a f8gt'' and other things are NOT allowed. Use proper English. You can joke around in a post and use Txt lingo, but don't make a habit of it. We'd at least like to understand you.

  • Admins are admins. Don't sass any admins whatsoever. What the admins say, goes. No exceptions.

  • Emotes are always welcomed and you are allowed to use them. But do not put every single one in every single post. I understand they're cool, but don't go posting them everywhere.

  • You can change your text color, just make sure it's readable.

  • Try to keep the forum PG-13, it's alright if it's not exactly kid-family orientated, but try not to look like savages.

  • Your opinion is your opinion, and someone elses' opinion is their opinion. Remember that.

  • Fandoms are a big part of our interests and everyone has a different one they belong too. Sure others do like the same fandom, but do not fight over which is better or suckier. Also when making a poll or talking about ''The best'' character or whatever, take in consideration everyone elses' interests.

  • Don't go bashing on others' beliefs, customs, opinions, interests, etc. [RP is an exception if it's in the plot.]

  • Respect your fellow members.

Rules will be updated accordingly. All admins have the option of banning or giving warnings when needed. Please follow the rules to make this a kickarse place for everyone. geek

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