Bound Damnation

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Bound Damnation

Post by Dragon on Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:36 am

Your basic (post-)apocalyptic rp n shit.

Base story: To summarize: Hell has reigned to earth and all races are enslaved and rapidly dying off by day, including angels. There are:

Hell's Own: Currently reigning huge clan of demons, watched over by Syndel himself. Have most tools, weapons, and recruits.

The Defiant: A large group of highly trained multinational humans who are at war with the demons.

The Slavers: A rather small, yet thriving and growing group of demons and humans similar to renegades who capture and slave any and all they can, then trade and sell them for supplies. Slavers usually stick together, and usually have a fair amount of weapons, but overall intelligence and strategy skills are uncommon.

Renegades: Those who are not affiliated to any sides. Either exiled or left. All renegades are their own, but weapons and supplies aren't very common.

The Rhines: A fairly small, yet widely spreaded group of humans that have vast amounts of supplies but live alone and away from the wars the best they can. Usually have enough knowledge to defend themselves in situation, and despite being widely spreaded out, have easy ways of contact, and great deals of architectural knowledge.

Throng: Disbanded groups of demons that act as gangs, most have intelligence equal to a bear, but fair amounts of weaponry and how to use it

God's Defense: As it sounds, a large group of angels that are fighting against the demons.

The Fallen: Like renegades and throng, the fallen are a fairly large group of fallen angels spreaded out through the southwest regions of the earth, and usually work alone. It is common for them to have good weaponry and architectural skills, but logic and strategizing isn't as great as they would need.

Legion:A growing army of fallen angels, demons, and sometimes humans that are trying to stop Hell's Own and God's Defense, growing each day. They have exceedingly great architectural and persuasive skills, very good at combat and strategizing, but are still scavenging for supplies.

Skroc:A very small group of beasts, goblins and demons etc. who live just beneath the surface of the earth, trying to dig to the top, posessing vast amounts of needed tools, and learn quickly from their mistakes, thought to be a myth to the upper world and thought as folklore.

The Cult of Yog-Shagga: these people, who cannnot be identified as any race because their face is always hidden, are always in the shadows, wearing the shadows like silk, most of them wear white masks, depicting things like a goat, a bird, a tree, chaos, a cuttlefish, a king, and even masks that depict Syndel and god themselves, these people are very mysterious and are rarely seen, but do possess an incredibly strong will of magic, and getting one to talk is like trying to wake up a dead man.
Starting Locations:
Mantle (Beneath Earth's crust)
The Shrine of the Rhine (a large, country-sized building for the Rhine)
The 3rd Hand Temple (similar to the Shrine of Rhine, this is a huge, country-sized temple hidden below the ruins of Mesoptamia/Sumer, and is very difficult to get to)


Human: A human.
Demon: Beings that spawn from hell.

Angel: Beings that spawn in heaven
Orc: Large green-skinned fanged race with quadrupiled the muscle mass as humans
Goblin: Pest-like thing that is very agile, yet strong and smart
Ogre: Close enough to the orc, yet more brawn than brain
Khamega (Giant, bumbling turtle-like exoskeletal race)
Ghoul: Thing that goes bump in the night
Ghost: Spirit or manifested soul
Monster: Please specify
Beast/Other (please specify)

Specialty: (architecture, magic, strategy, combat, etc.)
Bio (optional):
Starting location:
Starting Equpment (starting equipment can only be 3 things, it can be anything, weapons, apparel, items, food, etc.):
There ya go


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